Defending the Electoral College Against Dangerous Attacks

We are pleased to announce the release of Enlightened Democracy (2nd edition). It’s been eight years since the first edition was released by World Ahead Publishing in 2004. Much has happened since then!

In 2006, a dangerous anti-Electoral College movement was formed. This group has been working to get a critical mass of states to approve its so-called National Popular Vote compact. NPV asks states to award their electors to the winner of the national popular vote—the current practice of states is to award these electors to the winner of the state popular vote. If enough states jump on board, the Electoral College would effectively be eliminated, without the bother of a constitutional amendment.

NPV has unfortunately gained traction, and it has been approved by several states. When NPV obtains the approval of states holding 270 electoral votes, it will implement its compact.

Given the existence and unfortunate successes of this movement, Tara thought it would be helpful to release a new edition of Enlightened Democracy. This 2nd edition is a revised and expanded version of the original, but it also adds three chapters specifically addressing the philosophical, logistical and legal problems with the NPV movement. The 2nd edition is finally hitting bookshelves next week! Get your copy here:

Please note that there are two separate Kindle versions of this book. The first edition Kindle is here. (It has been listed at a steep discount.) The second edition Kindle is HERE.